Thursday, January 7, 2016

Perfect Mimosa

The Perfect Mimosa

I love a crisp, bubbly Mimosa on a weekend morning!  Reminds me that weekends are a time for fun, family, and celebrating a few precious days away from the hospital.  Here is our recipe for the most perfect Mimosa.

Find your fancy champagne flutes, pull them out of the buffet, and dust them off.  It really does make a difference in how they taste! You only live once and that crystal is doing you no good in the china cabinet.  :-)

3/4 glass chilled Chandon champagne 
(Chandon is our favorite by a LONG shot!  It's dry and perfect.)
1/4 glass Simply Orange Pulp Free OJ
(No one likes fur in their Mimosa) 

Seems like it's heavy on the champagne but it gives just the right amount of bubble without being so sweet that it makes you feel sick.