Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just Hangin' Out

Hope everyone has had a great weekend so far!  This as been our fist weekend in quite a while that we have spent in the tri-cities and it has been GREAT.  Brian was on call Friday and Sunday this weekend... which is fine with us since he is off for the next three in a row!  I'm pretty sure in the history of his four years here that has never happened... so we'll take it!

Saturday was my favorite kind of day.  The morning started off with a phone call from Brian who was already on his way home and had gotten four straight hours of sleep... again something that is very rare!  I had a 5k race in Kingsport starting at 10AM so we loaded Whit in the car and headed off.  Emma stayed home for nap time.  Brian and Whitley socialized at the race and were there to cheer me on!  It makes such a difference to come around a corner and see the two of them.  Whitley was already worked up from watching everyone run past her.  When I went by and yelled her name I thought she was going to tear Brian's rotator cuff.  She thought she was just going to join in and run the race too!  She was such a happy puppy because she was the center of attention- of course!  It brings a completely different feeling knowing that you have someone there to support you and for that I am so thankful!
"Dad, I'm pooped"
After the race we headed out for lunch.
The crew.
My big baby.
The afternoon was filled with "everyday stuff"... Wal-Mart, Petsmart, Food City.  You know those days!  The girls of course came out ahead with new toys and blankets.
A big bone for a big girl.

My new rubber stick.

We finally headed home for an evening with the grill and the pups.  Whitley and Emma have certainly grown to love each other!
Who decided to get another puppy?
She may be small... but she is the instigator!
The pups are growing like weeds.  Brian describes them best... Emma is the sweetheart and Whit is the personality diva.
Always ready to strike a pose.
You may get a good pic if you time it perfectly but there will be no posing from this girl.
The pups explored the backyard while Brian grilled.
Watching the greyhound.
Come with me little one.

Posing while Emma ran wild.
Distracted when Emma ran by.

Then Emma ran back by.

That baby wears me out.

I thought we were going to have to break out the life jacket again.  Very interested in the hot tub.

Brian grilled amazing potatoes and steak.

Check recipe section!  These are the best potatoes I have ever had!

The evening, food, temperature, and company was perfect.  There is something to be said for a day that starts with a good run and ends at home with the things that mean the most to you.  

So far today has been filled with puppy time.  We have been outside.  We have been inside.  We have eaten sticks.  We have taken naps.  It's pretty nice around here to be a dog!  I think it's fair to say that they are officially part of the family!
Sunning themselves.
Nap #1.

Love those danes.

Nap #2.


Time to start another week of work and routine.  Hope everyone has a great week!  The three day weekend, fireworks, four mile race, and time with friends cannot come soon enough.  Say a prayer for Whit and Em this week... they both have their surgeries on Thursday and will no longer be able to have baby Danes.  We are going to have our hands full with two danes in giant plastic collars who will, I'm sure, be terrified of fireworks... should be quite a sight!

Don't forget to check the recipe section for a few new things we've tried lately...
Skillet potatoes on the grill and pasta with pancetta and leeks!

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