Friday, October 7, 2011


Ahhh... Finally, the day we have all been waiting for!  I really thought Friday wasn't going to come this week because it was taking so long to get here.  Just a quick post today in between errands, packing, a cool morning jog, and dropping the pups off for the weekend.

The official photos from the race are back and I'm almost embarrassed to put them up!  I'm pretty sure that in every single photo I have my mouth open for some reason.

A little too excited at mile 12...
but how could I not be when I was looking at Mickey!  
View at mile 12.


And finally the finish line.
View of Epcot at night. 

Ugh... finally.

And again my mouth is wide open!  Thanks, Mom and Dad, for splurging on braces... at least you know I show 'em off! 
I'm not sure why I'm so excited...
I think they were handing out complimentary wine to runners. 

Also, check out this commencement speech given by Steve Jobs in 2005.  It is a little long but really great.  He had quite a story!

Hope everyone has a great weekend outside enjoying the beautiful fall weather!  We're off for the weekend to watch Arkansas beat Auburn... GO HOGS!  

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