Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kale Caesar Salad

I first heard the term "kale" on one of my best girlfriends blogs... Car was one of the bridesmaids in our wedding, is one of my best friends, and also happens to have an AMAZING food blog.  She inspires many of the meals around the Kendrick household.  I remembered seeing a recipe for kale sauté and thinking, "Sounds good... What's kale?".  If you're looking for some amazing, reputable recipes that are backed by an amazing wom then check out her blog.  You will not be disappointed!

After I read her recipe, the old Taryn instantly had no clue what kale was and moved on to something like a grilled chicken caesar on spinach.  Kale and I must have been meant to be soul mates because it popped up on another one of my favorite blogs last week!  Before I go further I'll just go ahead and admit it... I love watching The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.  There... I said it!

And so does my husband.  

I'm sure he's reading this saying "NO, I DO NOT!" However, there are the countless comments from his side of the living room that include but are not limited to:
"So who's the mean one this season?"
"Where's that one really good looking one?"
"Wait... What did she just say?"

Brian Kendrick... you are officially busted and I'm letting the cat out of the bag that you're a fan of The Bachelor.  He will continue to deny it I'm sure but luckily y'all are now in the know.

Jillian Harris is one of the former Bachelorettes and now has an amazing blog.  She is a designer for Love It Or List It (one of my favorite HGTV shows) and Extreme Home Makeover.  Fashion, food, and interior design... this girls got it all!  She also inspired my idea for Foodie Friday.

So getting to the point.  Foodie Friday this week included a caesar salad on kale.  Before I share this gem, I want to make it known that I did not take the photo of this salad nor did I create this recipe.  I'm a firm believer of giving credit where credit is due:

However, I have given it the old college try and it will rocked my world.  Promise yourself that you won't run for the hills when you read that there is anchovy paste in the dressing. I will be honest... it's in a tube that looks like it came out of a medicine cabinet, it's a really gross grey color, and it has the consistency of toothpaste. However, it's divine!  Trust me.


Serves 2-3

3 cups of fresh kale
1/4 cup - olive oil 
1 tbsp - white wine vinegar 
2 tsp - dijon mustard (I used stone ground because that's what we had on hand)
2 tsp - anchovy paste 
1/2 tsp - Worcestershire 
2 cloves garlic minced 
Salt & Pepper 
2 tbsp - grated parm 
2 tbsp - Miracle Whip
1 full lemon squeezed 
Fresh Baguette

Easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Make Your Dressing:  Mix together olive oil, vinegar, mustard, Worcestershire, garlic, and anchovy paste. Then add S&P, parmesan, and Miracle Whip.  Squeeze the juice of one full lemon into the dressing and whisk together. You can alter the amount of lemon and add extra vinegar at the end depending on your taste.
2. Throw your bacon onto a cookie sheet (lined with aluminum foil) and toss it in the oven at 375 degrees.  You will smell it when it's done.  Tear your baguette into bite sized pieces, toss them in some olive oil with salt and pepper, and toss them in the oven on broil for some easy homemade croutons.
3. Toss it all together, top it with more parm, garnish with a lemon slice, and pour yourself a glass of vino.  

Cheers to kale!


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