Friday, April 1, 2011


Cheers to the best day of the week! It is not only the start of the weekend but it is also pizza delivery night. Today was Whit's first full day at daycare...  We woke up this morning, did our usual routine, and loaded up in the car. You can only imagine the sight of me with purse, lunch box, dog's bag, dog, leash, and mug of coffee!
"Bed Head"

When I went to pick her up I was not surprised to learn that she had made lots of new friends.  Her best friend at daycare is a long haired wiener dog names Shell!  She also met a fellow Great Dane named Beau... 
"My new friend Beau"

Luckily she hasn't made it into Jake's Corner... also known as "time out" for bad puppies.  I'm sure her day is coming.

Overall, daycare has turned out to be a GREAT thing!  There is a definite difference between a Dane that has been in a kennel all day and a Dane that has been at daycare.  She has pretty much refused to leave the couch since we got home...four hours ago!!

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  1. We take Madden to camp 2x a week. He LOVES going and playing with all his girlfriends and the employees there love him because he's so big he breaks up any fights!