Thursday, March 31, 2011

Play Ball!!

Wahoo... today makes the list of my top ten favorite days of the year!!  I consider it a national holiday.

Today my friends is OPENING DAY for the Cards.  

Fredbird has come out of hibernation and the brats are cookin'. The folks at Busch Stadium are filling up the peanut containers and mixing up those drinks that come in the obnoxiously large glasses. You know- the ones that you buy because they look so fun and they end up tasting terrible!

There is no experience like going to a Cardinals game.  I may be a bit partial since I grew up going to games... but I don't really think so!  You can't really argue with Stan Musial, Bob Gibson, and Ozzie Smith.

There is something so exciting about walking to Busch Stadium, hearing the loud music, smelling all of the delicious foods that are so greasy and unhealthy, hearing the National Anthem, watching the first pitch, eating a delicious brat, having an ice cold BudLight (which I will ONLY get at Cards games), and of course hearing the glorious sounds of the fireworks.  If you're a Cardinals fan you know what those fireworks mean!!

The season officially begins today at 3:15 PM when the Cards face the San Diego Padres.  Rumor has it that Jim Edmonds will throw the first pitch and Chris Carpenter will start his sixth opening day... his fifth with the Cards.  It's going to be an exciting it always is!

Tune in to FoxSports Midwest, ESPN, or KMOX radio to watch/listen to the game.  Last year Brian and I signed up for and we were able to watch all of the games on TV... since we're out of the St. Louis viewing area none of the games are covered here.  We had reservations about signing up this year since we're gone so much and had decided to pass this year.  However, today I have decided that we must not have been in a good state of mind when we made that decision. here we come!!  Its a great day to be a Cardinals fan...

We hope there is a sense of purpose in everything. -Ozzie Smith

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