Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just A Quick Update.

Spring is in full bloom around here!  There has been a ton going on over the past few weeks.  Just wanted to touch base and fill everyone in...

Katie and Elis came to visit for the weekend!  Let's just say there is no substitute for girlfriends!  We had wine (obviously!), made appetizers, and spent all Friday night RE-watching the Royal Wedding...  We had all three watched it separately that morning but felt the need to re-watch it together. Perfect activity for girls weekend.  Saturday we took a trip to Asheville for some retail therapy and sun.  It is so great to have the kind of friends that you can go months without seeing and when you finally get together you realize even though lots of things in everyday life are changing there are some things that just aren't.  It was so great to catch up with them and it really made me wish we all lived in the same city...  maybe when we retire!  We also planned our next reunion... Charleston, South Carolina in August with the dogs in tow.  I can't wait to see their smiling faces again.
My girls.
Brian and I FINALLY had a weekend off together... WAHOO!  I'll give you three guesses as to where we spent the weekend.  Yes, we went straight back to Asheville.  We took Whit with us and had such a great time.

We had an amazing breakfast at a local downtown restaurant.  Shrimp and grits and a homemade crepe!  Whit spent the morning stalking birds...
My baby!
Coffee and bird stalking.

She also hit up the doggie bakery...
Cheese dude.
Brownie points.

We celebrated Whit's "four month day" on May 10... the personalized cookie is actually still at home in the wrapper.  She has been way too interested in her new raw hides and cheese dudes to give her cookie the time of day (and I keep forgetting about it).
Doug, Marianne, and Maddie came down for a day trip during their vacation so we were able to spend some time with them.  We had a great lunch and did a little shopping.  It is so rare to get these boys away from work and so great to see them get to relax a little.  They just work way too hard!
Miss Maddie.
Beautiful family... on the move!

Waiting our turn.
The boys with their girls.

Whit made some new friends.
"Hello down there."
"Hmmm... you're kind of cute!"

And had to take a "siesta".
"I just can't do it anymore."
Overall, it was a really great weekend... it is no surprise that Monday came way too quickly.
May 7, 2011.

We would strongly recommend The Downtown Inn... it isn't fancy but it is clean (which is all that matters), right downtown, pet friendly, free parking, and only $73.00 per night.  We have stayed here several times and have had nothing but great experiences.

Last weekend my Dad and Momma came through town on their way home to Illinois... from home in Florida.  It is that time of year for them to fly north for the summer.  I can't believe I haven't seen them since Christmas...  WAY TOO LONG!  Let's just say that I hope to never go five months without seeing them ever again.  Whit was able to meet Jake and my parents were finally able to meet Whit!  We grilled quesadillas on Friday night and had pizza and movie night Saturday night.  We had to say goodbye on Sunday but I can guarantee we won't be going another five months...

They BOTH had to be sitting on Mom's lap.
Meet Jake. 
Getting spoiled.

This past Sunday I ran the Amazing Grace 5K in Kingsport.  I'm training for the Walt Disney World Half-Marathon in October and this Sunday was my first race.  I'll tell you more about the half marathon a little later... but it's going to be pretty exciting.  I'm running to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and hopefully will be able to adopt the wish of  a local child.  I have never been a runner and it is definitely not something that comes naturally!  I don't think it will ever be easy... but it is getting a little (very little) bit easier.  I was able to finish the 3.1 miles in thirty one minutes!  Brian was a trooper and brought Whit to the race.  He carried around pockets filled with treats and gave them out for kids to give Whit.  She is so rotten!  It was so great to see the two of them at the finish line!  I'll keep you posted on my running adventures...

There are still lots of exciting things coming up.  Brian's Mom, Aunt, and their two girlfriends are coming to visit next weekend... SO excited to see them!! I'm running the Make-A-Wish 5k and heading to Chicago to visit some of my favorite people in June.  Brian's best friend/cousin in getting married in 5 weeks!  My best friend from childhood is getting married in July.  Summer is such a great time of year!

Stay tuned for some pretty exciting news.  Until next time I'll leave you with photos of two things that are pretty important to me....
My two loves.
Nap time with her buddy.

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