Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Good Morning

I have a problem of feeling like I need to be doing something productive at all times.  I hate to admit this but I've had frustrating mornings of running errands because I get there so early the stores aren't open yet. Life in the past was so busy I felt like I had to utilize every single second to get everything done.

Since moving to Tennessee, I have made a real effort to slow down. I have to say that life is SO much better this way.  I may still be up at 6:00am every morning but instead of popping out of bed and running wild until it is time to go back to bed that night I've been taking the mornings for me.  Taking them slow. Relaxing.  I've found that my days are much better, I'm happier, and I get to have some "me time" before anything else gets accomplished.  As a woman, at least for me, "me time" is the first thing I sacrifice to keep things running smoothly.

Things I've learned:
1.  Coffee tastes better from a real ceramic mug instead of a travel mug
2.  Mens t-shirts are, for some reason, much more comfortable than any women's t-shirt
3.  Reading is so much more productive when you don't have Monday night football blaring in the back ground
4.  And most importantly-  Taking time for ME makes me much better at my relationships I have with others.

So stay in your robe, drink coffee, look around on Pinterest, read your book, check your email, do a little online shopping, flip through your favorite magazine, plan your day, and THEN go be productive!

Happy Tuesday!

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