Monday, September 29, 2014

Life in Tennessee

Brian and I have officially relocated to middle Tennessee and have found what we consider to be "home".  We had several years of unknown, with Brian going through the match process, selling houses, buying houses, packing, moving, and then waiting to hear where we would be going next.

This time was very different. There wasn't a match process and for the first time in a very long time we were able to choose where we wanted to settle down.  We knew we wanted a city within close proximity but that we wanted to live out in the country and have some land.  This proved to be more challenging than we expected since Brian has to be fairly close to the hospital to take call.  Brian knew exactly what he was looking for professionally. Finding a perfect combination of these things things in one place was not an easy venture.

I'll spare you all of the details but after multiple interviews, trips, and house hunting adventures we finally found a town that seemed to meet all of our needs and more importantly fulfill all of our wishes for our new home and community!

Brian joined Mid South Surgeons in August and is currently practicing as a vascular surgeon.  It's a pretty crazy experience when you wake up one day and all of the training is over.  Finished.  It seems, for years, like it will never actually be over and then one day you wake up and it is.  He is loving his job and feels blessed to work with such an amazing group of colleagues.

I took a job working full time in the Maury Regional Emergency Department. It is so great to walk into the doctors lounge for lunch and be able to see my sweet husbands face, if only for long enough to say hello!  Though I'm working full time, I really feel like I work half as much as I did in Pennsylvania which is truly a blessing!  Thank goodness for working longer hours and fewer days. The people that I work with are amazing and I have, once again, been blessed with a group of amazing people.

We ended up finding a home that was just exactly what we were looking for. Brian really wanted to be somewhere without neighbors and I, after renovating our home in Pennsylvania, was really looking forward to finding a home that didn't require us to sleep on an air mattress for months.  God was really with us and blessed us with the perfect piece of property with a home that needed no work.  Such an answered prayer!  I'm a firm believer in having that mindset of "do what you have to do" but lets just say that we are REALLY glad we didn't have to renovate!

Over the past few months we have been settling in to what we consider to be "real life" in our new home.  We spend the weekends working outside, going on hikes around the property, fishing in the pond, making great dinners, reading, hanging out with friends, entertaining house guests, and occasionally venturing up to Franklin and Nashville.  We've become Titans fans (when in Rome!) and are learning the concept of being fans even when the team isn't doing so hot. :-)  Brian has become the master of tractor work. I've been able to get back to doing things I love... reading, cooking, running, and, finally, blogging again!  We're slowly starting to meet new friends and also cherishing time with old friends. Brian is finally able to embrace all of his manly hobbies and it makes me so happy to see him finally able to enjoy his free time again!  Now that he finally has some. :-)

We feel truly blessed for this life and are more than ready for house guests!  I can promise that the sheets will be clean, the wine glasses will be full, the Great Danes will be here to welcome you, and the table with be loaded with great food. Come visit us at the farm!

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