Saturday, March 19, 2011

1,174.5 Miles.

Do you remember playing or watching someone else play Mario Bros... the one with all of the awesome warp zones and bean stalks?  This is what our past weekend reminded me of.  We woke up Friday morning, went through a green warp zone, and ended up back in east Tennessee this past Tuesday night.  Our weekend went something like this...

Take one very deep breath in...

Brian leaves for Greenville on Thursday evening for an interview on Friday.  I packed Thursday night.  I woke up early and packed Friday morning.  Drove to Rogersville for a full day of work on Friday.  Brian went to his interview.  He drove back to meet me at the house Friday evening.  I took the 10 minutes we were at the house before we pulled out of the driveway doing the obvious...packing!  We left Friday evening for Indianapolis.  Arrived at 2AM.  Woke up at 6AM to get Brian to his interview.  I shopped.  Lunch at a local brewpub.  Drove to Decatur to meet my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and nephew for dinner.  Celebrated their birthdays with lots of candy, balloons, and Hibachi style dinner.  Went back to Mom and Dad's house.  Took a quick two hour nap.  Met Brian's parents at 11PM in Decatur and headed back to Mom and Dad's. Met Whitley for the first time.  Played with Whitley.  Woke up to a relaxing day, breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and dinner at Angelo's. Played with Whitley. Monday morning woke up at 6AM to get Brian to his interview in Springfield. Took Aunt Mary, Aunt Sonnie, and Grandma Jeanne out for breakfast.  Laughed at their hilarious stories and their arguments regarding which of the three of them was right. Back to the house to let Whitley out.  Lunch and quick catching up with Jess. Back to the house.  Loaded the car and headed to Lexington.  Multiple potty breaks along the way.  Arrived in Lexington at 9PM with puppy that had been sleeping the entire drive and was no longer willing to sleep.  Played with Whitley.  Up at 5AM to get Brian to his interview in Kentucky.  Back to the hotel to shower, load car, and load puppy (which took three hours). Picked Brian up from his interview.  Finally, back to east Tennessee.


Looking back at this weekend I realized that it was an abridged version of our life and how blessed we really are.  We had a weekend of car rides which left lots of time... just to talk, time with family and friends (even if it was short lived), and lots of possible opportunities for Brian.

A few of my favorite parts of our weekend:

1.  The car rides-  Times are few and far between that it is just Brian and I without anything else to do.  It is a great chance to catch up, talk about the near future, and the future that is a bit further away.

2.  Hibachi!!  It was so great to see Brett, Karla, Griffin, and Karsyn.  The kids are turning into such beautiful, GROWN UP, little people!  I hate that I can't go to all of their games and recitals but I sure do love it when I do get to see them.

3.  Staying at my parents house-  Even though they were still in Florida soaking up the sun, golf course, and 80 degree weather it was still nice to "be around" them.   I technically didn't get to see them (which I hated) but it was a close second just getting to be at home.  Wearing my mom's sweatshirt and using my dad's Head and Shoulders shampoo.  It almost seemed as if they were there.

4.  Getting to see John and Pat-  It is always so great to see Brian's parents.  It is so awesome to listen to John talk and see just exactly where Brian gets some of his "sayings". I know we all hope to see each other more often but for now we sure do make the most out of the time we have.  It was great to catch up!

5.  Taking the three girls to breakfast is always a treat.  When I was little I was with those three women A LOT!  It is so amazing to watch three sisters who have been through so much together.  They each add their own personality to their trio... I miss them dearly!

6.  Lunch with Jess.  It is such a great feeling to have a best friend that you know no matter how little or how much you talk you always pick up right where you left off.  We literally had one hour for lunch and talked as fast as we could the entire time trying squeeze everything in.

7.  Checking out a few potential places to live.  Springfield, Indianapolis, and Lexington were the interview stops for this trip.  Though it is great to scope out the towns it really doesn't matter where we go... home is where the heart is!

8.  Meeting Whitley.  This actually deserves it's own post... which will be coming very, very soon.  She is our new addition to the family.  I'll let you guess which one you think she is...

Overall it was a pretty jam packed weekend.  Stay tuned for a formal introduction to Whitley.  She is pretty special to us!  Blogging is a great thing because when I actually sit down and reflect on the things we've been doing it reminds me of how blessed we really are.   God is so very good!!

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