Thursday, March 24, 2011


If you haven't had a good reason to smile today you may want to take a look at this face...

I figured I would post a few pictures of Whitley's week while we sit and wait for the Terminix man to arrive.  She has had a pretty big week so far...

She had her first Kong filled with peanut butter.

Her first play date with Oliver.

Her first pigs ear.

And her first bath!  You can tell how well it went... this is the only photo that I was able to capture before I had to physically get in the bathtub. Scrubs and all!

And she is developing quite the personality...  

Here are a few thought from a growing Great Dane.  Weighing in this week at 27 pounds!
"Don't even think about touchin' my pigs ear...seriously!"

"I really wish I could get these new legs to work with me."

"Mom...Why do you ALWAYS skimp on the peanut butter?"

"I hate you right now. Why, why, why would you dump water on my head and drench me with this stinky shampoo?  I am so mad!"

"I have such a rough life... I don't even know how I make it."

So far we've had a pretty great week.  The weather has been beautiful and we're loving it.  We have had a week filled with the simple stuff... dinner over the fire with our new hot dog sticks, great dinner with friends, puppy baths, and Lost!  The simple times of everyday life really are the best!  Hope you enjoy your weekend...

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