Sunday, March 20, 2011

Perfect Saturday...AVL!

Yesterday was just a perfect day.  Brian was able to get five consecutive hours of sleep while on call... which some of you know is almost unheard of!  When he came home he was fully energized and felt as if he was able to get a full night sleep.  I'm off for the weekend so that makes me instantly happy! These two things combined made for a GREAT DAY.

We had coffee.

Whitley played with her pig.

She dug for gold.

And soaked up some sun.

Then we headed to Asheville... one of our very favorite places to spend free time.

This was Whitley's first trip.  Let's just say that she is also a huge fan and will be visiting again very soon.  We went for a quick walk when we got there. (This is one of my favorite photos...two things/people that I love very, very much!)
Whitley found her own personalized sign...which made for a perfect spot to potty!

We had a great lunch at Mellow Mushroom (where I sported my new haircut!)

And we visited the Farmers Market.

Then we went to Wedge which is one of our favorite places to hang out.  It has an outside patio made of welded metal, people come and go with their dogs, and they have a tamale stand!  Whitley was so well behaved, made lot's of new friends, and became a local celebrity.  Who doesn't love a puppy though?

It was a perfect spring day.  75 degrees and sunny.  The kind of days that just make you happy.  The kind of days that make you sit back and wonder how you got so lucky! Great quality time with a full night sleep behind us.  And... a farmers tan!!

We are so looking forward to the rest of spring and summer.  We have an exciting couple months coming up with a vacation in April, match day, and a couple very important weddings!

And now for my very quick fifteen second soapbox...If you are a smoker please, please don't throw the leftovers on the ground.  Our puppy is not very selective of the things she likes to chew on... and then we have to try to pry them out of her mouth...which is going to become very difficult when she weighs 120 pounds. Whitley thanks you!

Here is a quick video of Whitley's adventures in Asheville... Can you tell I'm a proud momma??

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